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Chinese American Cultural Bridge Center
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Performance & Educational Tours to China

Here at The Chinese American Cultural Bridge Center, or CACBC we take American educational (non performing) groups and performing (Band, Choir, and orchestra) groups to China since 1992. Being the first of its kind, a pioneer in taking American performing groups to China, this Family owned and operated organization continues our mission by bringing groups that are traveling to China countless cultural and performance opportunities, creating cultural understanding and friendship between China and America.

To start creating that Once in a lifetime experience for your group, call or email us for a sample itinerary and quote.
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    Why Travel with CACBC?

    China is our only destination. For our educational tours it offers unique cultural exchange opportunities. For performing groups it offers venues of festivals and performance opportunities that no other organizations can. The best part is in planning and executing your trip your group is assigned only one director, and that person will work with you from beginning to physically taking your group on a tour at the end.

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    Who We Are?

    We are family owned and operated since 1992. As bilinguals who were born and lived in China, we understand how to communicate effectively on planning your cultural exchange and/or performances. As educators who have taught in American schools, we understand the logistics behind bringing a student group or other performance groups on an international trip, starting from building an educational itinerary.

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    What’s New?

    Educational Tours – Interested in joining your fellow teachers and administrators on a Music Educational Tour in China 2016? No students, just adults. Family members are welcome. Educators earn 52 Continuing Educational Credits.

    Performance Tours – Marching Bands, interested in seeing if your group can perform a field show in the Olympic stadium in a Marching Festival in July 2016? This is a very selective performance as your group will be the first of its kind in the Olympic stadium, and in China. For more information give us a call.

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