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Educational Tours | Chinese American Cultural Bridge Center

Educational Tours

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Educational Tours

CACBC understands your needs and tailors your experience to meet your objectives. Educational Tours could be student groups, Teachers ONLY groups, or Martial Arts Groups. Our tours serve the educational interests of any one that is interested to learn more about China. If you do not see one that applies to your group contact us and we can create one especially for you.

For more information on Why your Educational Groups should pick us to take you to China, Click here to take you to Why Travel with CACBC.

Bring classroom settings to life in China for your students. Through our program, both your classroom students and your school will benefit from the new connections and opportunities you will have made. For our teacher leaders taking their students on our program, they will receive 52 Continuing Educational Credits at the end of their trip. CACBC can customize an itinerary for your students to focus on learning the language (Mandarin), culture, or both.

Language Focus

We can arrange short or long term summer classes for your students to learn Mandarin, based on the level of your students, they will take classes in reading and writing. And if interested we can arrange a Chinese culture session to learn how to fold an origami, or learn how to make dumplings. In terms of housing, it will be in the same campus as their classes. Classroom is only a few minutes walk from their dormitory. Dormitory are only reserved for foreign students, they are American standardized double occupancy with one shared bathroom and shower for the duration of their stay.


Culture Focus

Classroom, or groups that are interested in visiting and seeing China will have endless possibilities to pick from for their travel. From sightseeing places such as the Great Wall of China to Museums that carry the 35,000-year-old flute made from the leg of a crane, there are history and culture everywhere in China for you and your students to learn. If your group is interested, a cultural exchange opportunity to visit a local Chinese middle or high school could be arranged as well.

Educators are the heart of the Education system, and heart of CACBC. We used to be an educator ourselves, and we understand it won’t be fair if we offer student tours but not Educator’s tour created just for educators and retired educators. This group tour is created to travel to China and anyone that is connected to education can join, family and friends can join as well. For teachers through this trip they can earn 52 Continuing Educational Credit Hours at the end of the tour.

We have brought countless teachers to China, offering American educators a first hand look not only to ancient sites, but also to the Chinese classroom. The itineraries we create are teacher centered; offer teachers many experiences that can be brought back to the classroom.

In our trip we offer the flexibility to learn about China through various forms, whether it is through sightseeing ancient sites, taking a calligraphy workshop class, eating varies food specialties in each city, or observing and speaking to the Chinese students in the school we visit. This trip will be an experience you never forget, especially when it is to be shared with your fellow educators.

Current Tour Available, contact us for more information.

12 Day Music Educational Tour to China

This itinerary is customized especially for Music educators and retired music educators that have an interest in the culture and music of China, it’s the first of it’s kind, and you can only find it at The Chinese American Cultural Bridge Center. Educators that complete this program receive 52 Continuing Educational Credits at the end of the tour. No students are allowed, unless they are part of a family. If you do not have a roommate, we can help you find one.

Date: 2017

Cities: Beijing, Tianjin, Xian, Shanghai

Cultural Activities: Ride Rickshaw and visit a family for dinner in a Hutong, Sample variety of Chinese teas, Visit a teachers college,

Music Activities: Attend Peking Opera Show, Visit Beijing Music Conservatory, Visit a summer music class, Attend a Tang Dynasty Show, Shop at a music instrument store (sell both Chinese and American instruments), Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Visit Museum of Oriental Instruments,

Sightseeing Activities: Climb Great Wall of China, Tianan Men Square and Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Panda Zoo, Visit Porcelain House, Visit a Mazu Temple, See the Terra Cotta Soldiers, Big Wild Pagoda, Visit Provincial Museum, Climb Xian City Wall, Visit Yu Yuan Garden, & Cruise on the Shanghai Bund.

Transportation: Bus, Bullet Train from Beijing to Xian, Fly from Xian to Shanghai

There are varies forms of martial arts in China such as Kung Fu and Taiji Quan. So with the art form in mind the itinerary is created around that, incorporating the aesthetic appreciation through learning about the Art form by watching a vivid demonstration from a Master in that field, and receiving training from that master.

Shaolin Kung Fu Training

Have you ever seen someone carrying two heavy pails of water, walk on a staircase of razors with no pain? Break a lead pipe with his forehead? Jump ten feet straight up in the air, or balance his entire body off the end of a spoon? It happens everyday at the Shaolin Temple. The Shaolin Kung Fu and Shaolin monks have mystified the world for centuries with their incredible strength, vitality and flexibility. For many martial artists, going to the Shaolin Temple and learning the mystery of Kung Fu that started centuries ago is their life dream.

Now, for the first time ever, the Monks of the Shaolin Temple have authorized the Chinese American Cultural Bridge Center to invite martial arts instructors and students to China to receive authentic Kung Fu training at the Shaolin Monastery. Students of all levels will receive intensive personalized training directly from the Shaolin monks and their disciples. Each participant will receive an official certificate of training, bearing the signature of the Head Monk.

Tai Qi(Chi)

This is a special trip designed for all people who are interested in Chinese culture, and history, and especially for Taiji Quan practitioners and fans. This expedition will allow you to visit many culturally and historically rich places in China, giving you the opportunity to gain an understanding of the atmosphere and background from which Taiji Quan was born. The journey will lead you to some incredible sites before you move on to the Chen Jia Gou in Wen Xian County, where you’ll spend a day watching performances from the villagers, receiving training from the grandmaster, and visiting the original place where the founder of Chen’s Taiji Quan started about 600 years ago. This itinerary is ideal for Taiji Quan students and groups of professionals, and all people who are interested in the Chinese culture, history and religion.

The International Shaolin Wu Shu Festival
Tentative Date: October 20 – 25

The Henan Province International Martial Arts Festival is the premier martial arts event in the world. Every two years, over a thousand Kung Fu fighters, both male and female, from all over the world, make a pilgrimage to Henan to compete in this prestigious festival. Martial Arts schools or groups who have previously participated in CACBC’s programs have the first priority in the festival demonstrations/competitions.

The competition embraces Shaolin Wu Shu, Kung Fu, and Tai Chi disciplines, and allots six awards in each category. Demonstrations are also awarded. Nowhere else will you see such a vast display of fighting techniques and exotic weapons.
The Shaolin Wu Shu Festival is for everyone interested in martial arts, natural health practices, spiritual and mental discipline, and Chinese culture and heritage.

Your group will want to attend if:

• you are martial artists, beginners or advanced, wishing to increase your knowledge of different forms and techniques. Here you will meet the world’s finest martial artists and learn directly from the Shaolin masters.

• you are seeking a world class challenge. Here’s the chance to test your limits. You will meet and compete with the most incredible fighters on the planet today. As a winner, you can earn a worldwide reputation, overnight.

• you have an interest in the culture and history of Kung Fu. This festival is held in the very birthplace of all martial arts. You will have the chance to study at the Shaolin Temple, the place where Bodhidharma first created the exercises.

• you want to make international connections. You now have the opportunity to make contacts and friendships with other fighters around the world, and learn about other competitive events and activities.

• you want to promote your dojo’s name. The festival is the best place to create international visibility for your dojo, team or federation. Win or lose, the very fact that you came to Henan makes you part of an elite network of world class fighters.

• you just want to have fun! Beyond the excitement and exhilaration of the festival, this is a fantastic opportunity to explore the exotic mysteries of the world’s oldest civilization. You will experience China’s rich cultural heritage first-hand, make wonderful new friendships, and know the joy of true cultural exchange. The memories you bring home will stay with you for a lifetime.

Whether you come to compete, to demonstrate, or just to watch and learn, this will be the most exciting martial arts festival you will ever attend.


This trip was a thrill of a lifetime! The terra cotta soldiers were thrilling! The Great Wall awe-inspiring! The Goose Pagoda peaceful! And the Summer Palace beautiful! The trip was filled with wonderful memories!

Julia Gove | Tour Participant


China is a wonderful country, everyday there was something new. I enjoyed the history of China very much, it is both enriching and fascinating!

Amarilys Rivera | Tour Participant

The view of Shanghai along the river was beautiful- both day and night. Annie, our guide, was very proud to show us her city. My favorite things included the Great Wall, the boat tour of Huangpu River in Shanghai, and the Humble Administrator’s Garden in Suzhou. My goal now is to try to visit all the wonders of the world with my family. I would visit China with them, especially the Great Wall.

Loretta Rehe | Adult Participant, IL

There was a lot to see and do in Beijing. Traveling around the city was easy and I enjoyed meeting the Chinese people.

Robin M. Foster | Tour Participant

I left some of my heart in China and would love to return. All of the cities we visited, the accommodations, and the transportation were excellent. The trip was an unforgettable experience, and we thank everyone that took part in it for making it possible. The guides were knowledgeable and fun. The buses and accommodations were comfortable, and the train trips were GREAT!

Judi Partridge | Tour Participant

My proudest and most exciting moment was meeting with the teachers and students at Nanjing Middle School # 3. It was very rewarding to see students from 2 different parts of the world talk together and discover that they may be different, but in many ways very much the same.

I feel the trip was very well organized, and we had a wide variety of experiences. Beautiful ancient gardens; Forbidden City; ancient buildings; 3 Kingdom City; Great

Wall; boat rides; different meals; performances along with factory visits & shopping.

It gave everyone a definite sense of what China is, and is becoming. This trip provided everlasting memories. I am so happy and grateful to have had this wonderful opportunity. Thank you to all who worked so hard to make this happen!!! “

Judy O’Neill | Adult Participant

“All the guides and the coaches were the best. Thank you for opening up your (China) side of this world to me and my daughter, and friends. I believe we are leaving with some new friends.”

Steven R. Townsend | Martial Arts instructor

“My proudest moment occurred at the (Kung Fu) Training Center. Myself and our two coaches, Kellen and Ryan, were exchanging martial arts info and skills ? well they had me perform a form from our style ? and during it everyone in the room stopped what they were doing and at the end everyone clapped ? I was so flattered.”

Tiffany M. Townsend | Instructor & High School Student

“Training was very intense but rewarding. Our coaches were patient and persistent ? to keep us to accomplishing the most possible. We found great skill among the students and coaches at the school. They were anxious to share their knowledge and learn from us.”

Rick Koch | Father

“Going to the school in Kaifeng (was the most exciting moment). I felt the people were so welcoming. I especially loved having the kids over to play cards. We learned about China?s culture from the kid?s eyes and learned about our culture. “

Donna Koch | Mother

“The people of China are wonderful. Some of the customs are more difficult to adjust to, but we were very well received. Many smiles and ?Hellos?; those who knew any English wanted to practice and learn more.”

Rick Koch | Father

“Being 40 years old the training at first was hard and painful. But I enjoyed the pressure and constant positive reinforcement from our coaches. By the third day lots of the muscles soreness started to leave and it gave me a good feeling of achievement. The coaches even (came with us to buy our souvenirs by) walked with us through town, which helped build a quick strong friendship.”

Steven R. Townsend | Martial Arts instructor

“My trip to China was more fun than I could ever imagine. Mr. Li (Tour guide) made it even more enjoyable. He was an awesome tour guide, and I will never forget this experience.”

Amber Wagner | High school student

“I very much want to stay in touch with the many great people we met. There is a bright future for the people of China and America as we learned more about each other ? and discover the myths we have come to learn about each other.”

Rick Koch | Father

“(My training at Shaolin was) excellent, our Coaches were caring, outgoing, personable, fun and full of knowledge. The training was hard work, but if it weren?t it would not have been so satisfying to achieve. The activity was fun, fulfilling and unforgettable. The whole trip was a once in a lifetime trip that was also a learning experience. I wish to visit China ? Beijing and also the Kung Fu Center again. “

Tiffany M. Townsend | Instructor & High School Student

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