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Why Travel with CACBC? | Chinese American Cultural Bridge Center

Why Travel with CACBC?


Why Travel with CACBC?

Arranging customized tours in China is a highly specialized profession. Few commercial travel tour promoters have Chinese American Cultural Bridge Center’s high degree of cultural and professional background or our extensive personal and professional contacts. Nor are they willing to spend the extra time and attention, for little profit, to create an in-depth cultural experience or to personally manage custom tours in China.

Our overriding commitment is to our mission to promote fellowship and understanding between the peoples of China and the United States. We are passionate about fulfilling our mission by providing American educators, students, professional organizations, and performing arts groups with unique, custom designed tours, no matter how much time and efforts we need to put into your tour.

Each tour is assigned a Tour Manager/Director to assist your group from beginning to the end. That same Tour Manager/Director will be acting as your tour guide taking your group to China. CACBC will assign you a tour manager for your trip; he or she is experienced in taking American performance groups to China, is bilingual in both Chinese and English, and has a background in music performance (for performance groups).   Once in China your tour guide will stay with you twenty-four hours a day, including in the same hotel, and help you with any difficulties you may encounter.

Our vision is for everything to run perfectly for our performing groups traveling groups, but incase an obstacles arises we can handle anything for our groups traveling to China

Click on the Tour that applies to your group to see how we can do that

1. Our bicultural and bilingual background, knowledge of music and education, and sensitivity and dedication enables CACBC Performance tours to combat and overcome any cultural differences, red tape, and language barrier, the political atmosphere, and ever changing rules and regulations in the government.

2. CACBC’s bilingual staff is able to communicate directly and clearly, and avoid many misunderstandings. We talk with your group leader during the day, and in the evening we pass on your requirements to the Chinese contacts.

3. We are sensitive to your concerns as music educators. Our professional roots are in music education and performance management. Therefore each performance venue is custom tailor your performance needs.

- We listen to your CDs and tapes, arrange venues, and attract audiences appropriate to your performance style.

- We ensure a full audience, our staff in China will creates and implements a publicity campaign using television, radio, newspapers, posters, etc.

- We plan your concerts meticulously. Each group has specific needs, from risers to music stands, from lights to sounds.

- We schedule sufficient time for rehearsals.

- We arrange for transfer of performers and instruments to concert halls and rehearsal venues, and time to change into uniforms.

- We discuss possible repertoires down to the last detail to ensure audience participation. We also suggest pieces and provide music to play that is sure to excite the Chinese audience.

- We fine-tune your itinerary to provide a healthy balance of performances, sightseeing, entertainment, and cultural activities. These invigorating activities stimulate you, so you are able to perform at your best.

4. We plan cultural exchange opportunities in China for your group, where you will meet people like yourselves who are interested in building friendships and cross-cultural understanding.

We believe that a successful performance transcends the moment, uniting the hearts and spirit of the performers and their audience.  As CACBC’s music and culture ambassadors, wherever you go, you are warmly welcomed and treated as honored guests.


CACBC may very well be the first to take cultural exchange and performing tour groups to China, nearly 18 years ago, when China began opening her doors to the outside world.


We know the territory! We at CACBC are professional educators and cultural studies specialists, as well as China travel experts. We are American citizens, born and educated in China and we are intimately familiar with China’s history, culture and customs.


China is new territory for many commercial tour promoters who have only recently added China to their long lists of countries they service. They must depend on “in-country” package tour operators who do a fairly good job of running somewhat generic tours.

Since we began, CACBC has offered China Cultural Exchange Tours ONLY! We have the professional background, the in-depth of experience, the dedication and the commitment to do so much more than just a “fairly good job.”


CACBC maintains a staff in China of bilingual cultural and travel experts to handle details, solve problems and to make sure every detail of your itinerary is perfect.


We understand How China works. We have spent a lifetime developing personal and professional relationships with officials of virtually all important government agencies and with a multitude of historical and cultural experts. We know how the reach right government authorities and where to find the best consultants in any field, as well as the management of every important performance venue in the land. Our relationships keep us up to date and well informed and allow us to pass on many rare opportunities and special considerations to our groups.

6) We Understand Your Needs!

We have stood in your shoes! We began our careers as professional educators, so we know how to create that once in a lifetime experience for those who are interested in drinking in the splendor of China. We listen to you and work hand-in-hand with you to create a custom tailored tour that will accomplish your educational and travel needs.


With all the custom tailoring, enhanced services and special care, you would expect our tours to be very expensive. Yet, because we have the advantage of offering China as our only destination, we are able to give you a superior, more comprehensive tour for the same cost or less than those of most commercial tour providers.


We are proud that we have consistently delivered on our promises since 1992. But, don’t take our word for it… read our testimonials and ask for our references.

We strive to bring the best cultural experience for our student tour and for our educators tour traveling to China.


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